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Free and open-sourced general purpose text editor

Free and open-sourced general purpose text editor

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Program license: Free

Program by: Gnome

Version: 3.36.2

Works under: Windows

Also available for Mac


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Gedit is an application that should be all too familiar for Linux fans, as it provides a default GNOME editor on Windows. Gedit ultimately brings the world of GNOME to a much wider audience.

This application is excellent if you need a full-text editor with a wide range of programming functions. Gedit is compatible with the majority of languages and also has the ability to incorporate spell checking, print, support, and text search for opening nearly any file.

Gedit supports several languages, including Java, HTML, and Python, among others. When using this application, you have the option of undoing and redoing actions, which is very convenient in the event you add something and then decide it doesn't necessarily fit with the project you are working on. Gedit also allows you to edit files and perform all of the other standard functions you would expect to find in any other editor. Some features that this application includes are text wrapping and backing-up files.

For more advanced users, Gedit may seem like a basic programming application. However, the introduction of plugins has added advanced functions to the editor, making it more appealing for the advanced users. This software should be appealing to both basic users who just want a basic programming editor and advanced users who prefer a more complicated programming editor. Regardless of whether you are familiar with Linux or not, Gedit is an excellent choice if you are searching for a simple and powerful editor.


-It is simple to use.

-A wide range of languages is supported by the software.

-Remote editing is supported by the software.

-Plugins help the software appeal to more advanced users and also extend functionality.


-Multimedia content is not allowed to be inserted.

-The software may seem limited without the use of plugins.